Welcome to Lerato Educational Centre

Lerato Educational Centre is situated in Jacksons Drift Squatter Camp with approximately 15 000 – 18 000 people and a community that suffers from very high levels of unemployment and abject poverty.

This project is a registered NPO and private donors make it possible to provide critical services to the wider community of this ever expanding informal settlement. This is a centre that receives absolutely no government funding as it is seen to be serving an impermanent community which relies exclusively on private funding.

The Salesian Sisters, a Roman Catholic order of the nuns established a crèche in 1999 which was run by Sister Mary for preschool children. The school has a number of prefab classrooms, teachers, administrators which include cooks, caretakers, cleaners etc. all from the community. We also provide space for a mobile clinic on our playgrounds during certain times of the week.