Lerato currently consists of the following:
• 16 classrooms
• 16 Teachers
• 6 non-teaching Staff
• 1 day Caretaker
• 1 night Caretaker
• 1 computer Lecturer
• 502 enrolled pupils (and a waiting list of many many more.)

The pupils are served a cooked breakfast and lunch daily. Food and other supplies are donated by various communities and funding from donors in Germany, Ireland and locally.

The person responsible for managing and sustaining the project is currently Sister Helen. The Principal of the school is also from a nearby community. The sisters have worked timelessly with dedication to establish this centre as a lifeline for children of the community.

A fully-fledged playground also established by Sister Mary and her team is available for use by all of the children in the community with supervisors in attendance. It is also used as a study centre for the older children of the camp.

Lerato follows the Department of Basic Education curriculum. The school is clean, disciplined and teaching is delivered with dedication and received with joy and wonder. This centre represents the only future of a desperate and needy community.