The very existence of this educational facility is however, being compromised due to the lack of external funding and the inability of parents to contribute as a result of dire poverty in the region.

The only way forward and to secure the future of the centre is to access funding by means of obtaining a social grant from the authorities, but there are numerous administrative and financial obstacles that need to be addressed and overcome.

Lerato needs to be registered with the GDE and Department of Social Development, but in order to obtain this registration we need to submit approved building plans for us to obtain an occupation certificate. This is not possible due to the lack of high costs that will be incurred for which we do not currently have the funding.

We also need to comply with the ratios of number of pupils VS toilets, basins, teachers and classrooms in order to obtain a health certificate. We do however have a lease in place and a fire safety certificate and plans. The GDE in turn will not register Lerato without being in possession of a health certificate.

Only once we have registered with the GDE and Department of Social Development will we be in a position to lodge an application to both Departments for much needed funding and/or grants.

What is going to happen to these already compromised children who currently call Lerato home?

Can we allow bureaucracy to further compromise the already bleak futures that these unfortunate children face?